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IM Game Rules


For the duration of this reign, some parks of the Iron Mountains will be playing an online board game set to start January 19th 2015 and end shortly before Rakis. There will be prizes for all participating parks, but those that play the game the best will have first choice.

Each week your park will earn Military Resources based on the classes its players sign in as. The park's General will use those resources to conquer new territory on the board which can then serve as a base for erecting great towers and castles to secure your land's victory. To even the playing field between parks of different sizes, there will be a weekly limit to the Military Resources that can be gained from attending your home park. Travel to other parks, however, will earn your park bonus resources with no upper limit. The hosting park will also get a small resource boost for their hospitality.

Access the IM Catan game here



Each park must select a General. While parks are free to use whatever means they see fit to choose the actions they will take during the week, the General will be responsible for submitting those actions. Each park should choose a clever and reliable General.

Military Resources

Military Resources are what allow a park to capture tiles and are based on the attendance of that park's members. Military Resources are calculated daily for each park with information from the ORK for Saturday and Sunday events only. To make sure everyone gets access to their resources promptly, park Prime Ministers should enter each weekend's credits as soon as possible. A park can gain different amounts of these resources in 4 different ways:

Example: If Park A has 3 of its players attend Park A and 2 players attend Park B, Park A would receive 5.5 resources and Park B would receive 1.5 resources. If Park A also had 1 visitor from Park C, Park A would receive an additional .75 resources and Park C would receive 1.25 resources. Working with the other parks to encourage travel is the best way to earn resources.

All Military Resources are assigned a type based on the class that the player contributing the resource signed in as. Different types of Military Resources are required to capture different types of Tiles.


Soldier Resources come from players signing in as Archer, Barbarian, Paladin, and Warrior. Soldiers are most useful when capturing Fields and Tundras,


Ranger Resources come from players signing in as Anti-Paladin, Assassin, Monk, and Scout. Rangers are most useful when capturing Forests and Swamps.


Mage Resources come from players signing in as Bard, Druid, Healer, and Wizard. Mages are most useful when capturing Deserts and Mountains.


Support Resources come from players signing in as Color, Monster, Peasant, and Reeve. Support Resources can be used when capturing Ruins, the Temple, and tiles owned by an opponent.

Other Resources

These resources are gained from actions taken during the game, or are awarded automatically.

Building Supplies

Building Supplies come from capturing tiles and are used to construct fortifications.


Moves are used to capture tiles. Parks automatically gain 2 moves each week. Bonus moves may be awarded by the Emperor.

Standard Tiles

The game board is made up of 271 hexagonal tiles. 240 of those fall into one of the 6 terrain types below. Standard Tiles always require a total of 6 Military Resources to capture, but the terrain type determines the individual amounts of Soldiers, Rangers, and Mages. Capturing a Standard Tile awards a small number of Building Supplies, determined randomly.


Capturing a Desert always requires Mages, usually requires Soldiers, and sometimes requires Rangers.


Capturing a Field always requires Soldiers, usually requires Mages, and sometimes requires Rangers.


Capturing a Forest always requires Rangers, usually requires Soldiers, and sometimes requires Mages.


Capturing a Mountain always requires Mages, usually requires Rangers, and sometimes requires Soldiers.


Capturing a Swamp always requires Rangers, usually requires Mages, and sometimes requires Soldiers.


Capturing a Tundra always requires Soldiers, usually requires Rangers, and sometimes requires Mages.

Special Tiles

In addition to the Standard Tiles, the game board also contains 6 Bases, 24 Ruins, and 1 Temple.


Capturing a Ruin requires 6 of any Military Resource and awards more Building Supplies than a Standard Tile, determined by the tile's proximity to the Temple.


Capturing the Temple requires 6 of any Military Resource and awards the most Building Supplies of any tile.


There are 6 bases which serve as starting locations for each park. They cannot be captured by other parks.


Tiles that have been captured become Owned Tiles and will display the heraldry of the park that owns them. An Owned Tile may be captured with any type of Military Resource, but the number of resources required depends on the fortifications that surround the tile.

Capturing Tiles

Capturing a tile requires 1 Move and some Military Resources, which will be listed on the tile you're interested in capturing. Once you've captured a tile, it will be converted from it's previous type into an Owned Tile and display the owner's heraldry. You will also gain 1-3 Building Supplies. The tile will still be able to be captured, but the resources required will change. Any tile, other than a Base, that is adjacent to a tile your park currently owns is eligible for capture.

Generals may submit moves at any time during the week and it will be processed the following weekend. In the event that two Generals attempt to capture the same tile, a coin flip will determine who gets it. The loser of the coinflip will have their move returned to them for the following week, but will lose a portion of the resources spent attempting to capture the tile.

Tiles Owned By An Opponent

Owned Tiles require more Military Resources to capture than other tiles. The base resource cost is 8, which increases with each fortification that touches it. It's expensive, but once you capture the tile it will cost just as much (or more if you can erect additional fortifications) for one of your opponents to capture it back. Capturing a tile owned by an opponent will give you 3 Building Supplies and make the previous owner lose 2 (if able).

Any Resource

In the case of Owned Tiles, Ruins, and the Temple, a General may choose any combination of Soldier, Ranger, Mage, and Support resources to pay the cost for capturing.

Building Fortifications

Fortifications are constructed in the corners where tiles meet by expending Building Resources. They provide defense and Victory Points to the owners of adjacent tiles. Fortifications provide no defense to tiles that are not owned, meaning that if you, or another player, has placed a Fortification next to a Standard Tile, Ruin, or Temple you can pay the normal cost to capture that tile and then benefit from the defense and Victory Points granted by the Fortification that was already present.

Generals may build Fortifications at any time during the week and they will be added to the game board the following weekend. In the event that two Generals attempt to build a Fortification in the same location, they will split the cost as evenly as possible.


A Palisade is the lowest level of Fortification. It costs 5 Building Resources but provides no defensive bonus to the surrounding tiles. Each week, a Palisade will generate 1 Victory Point for the owner of each adjacent tile.


The Tower is the next step up. It costs 10 Building Resources and increases the cost to capture each adjacent Owned Tile by 1 Military Resource. Each week, a Tower will generate 3 Victory Points for the owner of each adjacent tile.


A Castle is the mightiest fortification that can be built. It costs 15 Building Resources and increases the cost to capture each adjacent Owned Tile by 2 Military Resources. Each week, a Castle will generate 8 Victory Points.

Victory Points And Winning The Game

Each weekend, after tiles have been captured and fortifications build, your park's Victory Points will be calculated and added to your total. For each tile that you own, you will receive 1 Victory Point. You will also receive an additional 1 Victory Point for each Palisade, 3 Victory Points for each Tower, and 8 Victory Points for each Castle that is adjacent to your tile.

Parks will be ranked by total Victory Points at the end of the game, with the winning park being the one that has the most. In the event of a tie, number of owned tiles will be used to determine placement.


There are 6 prizes, one for each participating park. Parks will take turns choosing their prize in order of their placement at the end of the game.

The following prizes are what is currently planned (subject to change). This list will be updated with more details as the reign progresses.

Interface Help

By accessing game.amtgard-im.com, you'll be able to browse the map and inspect individual tiles.

The Map

You can drag and zoom (with the slider in the upper right or your mousewheel) the map to get a closer look. Mousing over a tile will show you details about that tile in the Resource Panel.

Logging In

Inside the Resource Panel, select your park and input the password provided to you by Grix, then press Park Login. Once logged in, you will have full use of the resource panel and the map will dim to make tiles available for capture more clear.

Resource Panel

The Resource Panel shows all of your currently available Resources, as well as details about any tiles you are inspecting. There is also a button to toggle Tower Placement mode.

Capturing Tiles

Simply double-click any eligible tile to bring up the Capture Tile dialog. It will show you your available Resources and the Resource Cost of the tile you have selected. If you're okay with paying that cost and want to capture the tile, press Yes. In the event that you are attempting to capture a Ruin, Owned Tile, or the Temple, the Capture Tile dialog will also present you with a set of inputs to allow you to split your resources accordingly.

Building Fortifications

Inside the Resource Panel, press the Building Mode button to enable Building Mode. All eligible tower locations will be highlighted. Double-click any highlighted location to bring up the Build Fortification dialog. Select the type of Fortification that you would like to place and press Build.

Updating Your Resources

The system will automatically update your military resources based on attendance data from the ORK every few hours. The system refreshes attendance information for ALL WEEKEND DAYS every time it updates. This means that if a player's class is changed after the resource has been spent, you might end up with negative resources that will need to be made up with future attendance.

On Saturday morning, the system will add your Moves and Fortifications to the map, resolve any conflicts, award any Building Supplies from newly captured tiles, calculate victory points for the week, and award you with 2 more moves - in that order.

Technical Requirements

Seeing as this game is an experiment, development time was limited. The application has been tested in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. It is not mobile friendly. If you have any issues, please let Grix know.